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Swan Lake

Swan Lake

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Swan Lake - a captivating ring from the J Collection's Autumn series. This exquisite ring is designed to enchant and mesmerise, reminiscent of the timeless beauty and grace of the iconic ballet. At its heart lies a pear-shaped sapphire, radiating with deep, enchanting hues that evoke the serene depths of a tranquil lake. Positioning either side of the sapphire are two graceful swans, crafted from shimmering diamonds, their elegant forms captured in intricate detail. As they gracefully glide along the band, these swans symbolise love, purity, and eternal beauty.

  • 18k White Gold 
  • Sapphire : 1.35ct 
  • Centre Diamond: 0.35ct 
  • Total diamond weight: 1.04ct 
  • Total Weight: 4.57g 
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