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Golden Serenade

Golden Serenade

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Golden Serenade - a Pendant from the J Collection, a tribute to the opulent hues and captivating allure of the fall season. Crafted with exquisite detail, the top part of the pendant features an harp motif intricately crafted from 18k white gold, adorned with diamonds, amethysts, and pink sapphires. Each gemstone evokes the rich and colourful palette of autumn, reminiscent of the vibrant foliage and golden sunlight. Dangling gracefully beneath is a lustrous golden South Sea pearl, symbolising elegance and sophistication. Embrace the harmonious blend of luxury and nature with this stunning pendant, a timeless treasure to adorn any neckline with elegance and style.

  • 18k White Gold 
  • Gold Southsea Pearl: 12mm x 13mm 
  • Pink Sapphire total weight: 0.16ct
  • Total diamond weight: 0.20ct
  • Total Weight: 3.64g
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